100GHZ 8 Channel DWDM Demux Module Optical Transmission System

CWDM and DWDM module

CWDM and DWDM technologies provide an effective way to share one pair of fiber strands and put together various communications interfaces like: 10G, SONET OC-192, STM-64, Fiber Channel 1G/2G/4G, Gigabit Ethernet, OC3/OC12 or OC48 and E1/T1, just by using different wavelengths of light for each channel.

Our product range includes very affordable solutions for CWDM and DWDM technologies, with minimum or no management, but also carrier class professional solutions with complete management and monitoring functions, redundancy on fiber and power supplies and Telco grade specifications that can go up to 80 channels of DWDM 10G capacity on a single fiber circuit.

Our WDM Optical Mux products are flexible with a low-cost solution that enables the expansion of existing fiber capacity, and available with the Plastic ABS module cassette, 19″ Rack Mountable box and standard LGX packaging. No matter what kind of connectors, like FC, ST, SC, LC, etc., are all available, and we can also mix different connectors on one device.



100GHz ITU Channel Spacing

Low insertion loss

broadband transmission

high channel isolation

High stability and reliability

Epoxy-free optical path


1.Channel Mux/Demux

2.DWDM system DWDM


4. Fiber optical amplifier

5. CATV system


Specification Mux  Demux 
Channel Wavelength (nm)  1530.33~1560.61(21~59 ITU grid)
Central Wavelength Accuracy (nm)  ± 0.5
Min Channel Spacing (GHz)  100
Passband (@-0.5dB bandwidth)(nm)  >0.22
Insertion Loss(dB) Add/Drop Ch.  ≤1.0
Reflective Ch.  ≤0.4
Passband Flatness(dB) ≤0.3
Add/Drop channel Adjacent Channel  N/A ≥25
Isolation(dB) Non-adjacent Channel N/A ≥35
Reflective Isolation(dB)  ≥12
Insertion Loss Temperature (dB/°C )  ≤0.003
Wavelength Temperature Shifting (nm/ °C )  ≤0.002
PDL (dB)  ≤0.1
PMD (ps) ≤0.1
Directivity (dB)  ≥50
Return Loss (dB)  ≥45
Rated power (mW)  500
Operation Temperature (°C)  0 ~ +70
Storage Temperature (°C)  -40 ~ +85
Dimension (mm)  L100×W80×H10

Ordering Information

Channel Spacing 1=100GHz
Application Type M=Mux
ITU channel ITU  C21=1560.61nm
  1=Bare Fiber
Fiber diameter  2=900um Loose tube
  3=3mm Cable
Fiber Length  1=1Meter
Connector  0=None


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