FTTA ODVA Outdoor Optical Fiber Patch Cords Cable 5.0mm with Mini SC/APC Reinforced Connector

Product Introduction

Waterproof Mini SC Reinforced Connector FTTA Patch Cord Cable 5.0mm with Mini SC/APC Reinforced Connector

MINI-SC waterproof reinforced connector, is a small high waterproof SC single core waterproof connector. Built-in SC connector core, to better reduce the size of the waterproof connector. It is made of special plastic shell (which is resistant to high and low temperature, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, anti-UV) and auxiliary waterproof rubber pad, its sealing waterproof performance up to IP67 level. The unique screw mount design is compatible with the fiber optic waterproof ports of Huawei equipment ports. Suitable for 3.0-5.0mm single-core round cable or FTTH fiber access cable.

Huawei Mini-SC waterproof connector has SC houseless core, spiral bayonet and multilayer rubber cushions. It’s suitable for ϕ3.0-5.0mm round cables and FTTH drop cables.

Product Specification (Parameter) of Mini SC Waterproof Fiber Patch Cable  


Mini SC TYPE compatible with Huawei equipment

适配华为端口的MINI-SC 02



Mini SC TYPE compatible with Corning equipment

适配康宁端口的MINI-SC 02



Each Cable is custom made in the China by Skilled Technicians (no assembly lines)

The cable is made with Genuine Corning Infinicore 300 glass for superior performance.

Insertion loss testing performed on every assembly. Our strict standards mandate a maximum allowable loss if 0.02 dB (or less)

Each connector is visually inspected with a 400x microscope for any surface or interior cracks, scratches, contaminants or other imperfections.

All cables serialized and test results are recorded

Guaranteed performance specification

The cable is duplex 2.0-7.0mm cable jacket which is the most popular

OFNP Rated for Plenum or Riser use

Connector Specification
Connector type PDLC-LC/UPC
Insertion Loss <=0.3db
Return Loss >=50db
IP level IP67
Operating wavelength 1310nm, 1550nm
Test wavelength 1310nm, 1550nm
Repeatability <=0.1
Interchangeability <=0.2dB
Durability <=0.2dB
Fiber Length 1m, 2m….. any length optional.
Length and tolerance 10cm
Operating Temperature -40C ~ +85C
Storage Temperature -40C ~ +85C

Product Application of Fiber Optic Patch Cables

Mainly used in wireless base station horizontal and vertical cabling
Mini-SC is a new outdoor waterproof fiber optic connector , it's mainly used for FTTH outdoor installation.
It's small and easy to be installed, and the grade can be IP67.
-Gigabit Ethernet
-Computer fiber networks
-Fiber test equipment
-Communication rooms
-Fiber Optic Communication System
-Optical fiber connected and transmitted equipment
-Defense combat readiness
-Active device termination
-Telecommunication networks
-Video and Multimedia
-Premise installations
-LAN(Local area networks)
-FTTH  (Fiber to The Home) and FTTX applications
-CATV (Cable Television)
-FOS (fiber optic sensor)

Product Features of Outdoor Fiber Optic Patch Cords
IP67 Water immersion and Dust protection for hash environment
Wide range of cables to be used, 3-6mm OD cable with simplex jacketed subunits
Singlemode and Multimode and APC
Fulfills performance Standard IEC61753-1 Cat.E
Simple assembly requiring no special tools
Screwed locking mechanism
Water proof, dust proof and corrostion resistant, protection caps
Good mechanical and environmental characteristics;
Flame retardant characteristics meet the requirements of relevant standards;
The mechanical characteristics of jacket meet the requirements of relevant standards;

Soft, flexible, water blocked, UV resistant, easy to lay and splice, and with big capacity data transmission;

Meet various requirements of market and clients

Reference Drawing
PDLC 接头图纸

Company and Products advantages: 

1.The material of Ceramic Ferrule: Zirconium quality stable and easy for polishing
2.Good supply capacity(20K-30K pieces connectors each day)
3.Fast delivery time(1-3days)
4.Complied to ISO9001 quality system
5.100% testing before shipment
6.3D passed testing with report for option
7.All kinds of connector for option(SC,LC,FC,ST,MU,MTRJ,MPO/MTP,ODC,ODLC,SMA9,E2000 and so on)

Payment and Shipping Terms

Estimated Lead times: 1-2 business days (or possibly more depending on quantity).

Payment terms: MoneyGram ,Western Union,L/C,TT

Shipping terms:By air, by sea,by express( DHL,Fedex,TNT,UPS,EMS)

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