MPO 12 Core Ribbon Flat Indoor Fiber Optic Cable

MPO 12 Core Ribbon Flat Indoor Fiber Optic Cable is used for indoor distribution and as pigtail communication equipment. It is suitable for communication equipment that is served, it is easy to install and simple to operate. Ribbon Fiber Optic Cable with tight buffer (900um or 600um) has12 single-fibers as basic unit flat twin configuration. The key features of these Flat Optical Cables include their excellent stripping performance of tight buffer fiber and they are suited to SM fiber and MM fiber.


They are available in dozens of configurations such as:

• Indoor plenum fiber optic cable
• Indoor/outdoor riser singlemode cable
• Direct burial cable
• Self-supporting aerial cable
• 2-fiber patch cord cables
• 6-144 strand singlemode cables


☆.Adopted to indoor distribution.
☆.As pigtail of communication equipment.
☆.Suitable for communication equipment served.
☆.Suitable for floor connection.


☆.Hight strength kevlar yarn member.
☆.More tight buffered design.
☆.Round construction.
☆.Saft. Easy to strip.


插图 带状缆

插图02 插图01

Technical Parameters:

Out sheath
Inner sheath
Weight Minimum allowable Tensile Strength
minimum allowable Crush Load
Minimum Bending Radius
(MM) (MM) (KG) short term long term short term long term short term long term (°C)
3.0×5.0 2.0 34.00 1000 300 1000 500 20D 10D -20+60
4.0×7.0 2.8 42.00 1000 300 1000 500 20D 10D -20+60

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